MENA Equity Research Overview

The MENA Equity Research focuses on issuing independent, fundamental and insightful research on actively traded equities in the MENA region. A group of dedicated equity analysts with extensive experience, both regionally and internationally, are organized in teams that focus on specific sectors. Each team looks at regional and global developments in a particular sector and identifies the various forces to understand its implication on the sector’s future

Initial market research is provided through Sector Primer documents, while priority of coverage for individual companies is driven by the liquidity of the share and transparency of information flow to investors. Analysts study regional and global developments, talk to competitors, suppliers and customers and develop a long-term working relationship with management.

A thorough analysis of historical financial statements is then conducted and an initial research document is issued with 5 years of forecasted financial statements. Subsequently, updates to the initial document are issued in the form of Research Comments whenever it is felt that a material change in opinion and/or estimates has occurred.


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